Whether renovating, or looking to replace, purchasing a water heater can be one of the more important appliance buying decisions you make for your home. Water heaters account for an average of 17% of your home’s energy use, more than all other appliances combined, according to energy.gov. That makes your water heater responsible for 14-18% of your utility bills. So don’t get burned on your utility bills! Consider all your options when purchasing a water heater, and make sure to call South West Plumbing for an easy and convenient install.

Traditional Water Heaters

Chances are, if you’re replacing a water heater, it’s probably a traditional one. Sturdy, dependable, and ubiquitous traditional water heaters are tucked away in laundry rooms, and utility closets all over the world. Traditional water heaters work by heating and storing water in their large tank’s, and keeping it heated at all times.


● Easy and inexpensive to repair by a certified plumber

● Can insulate for better energy efficiency

● Will save you money, in the long run, on your energy bill


● Energy is wasted keeping the water at a specific temperature at all times

● Large, they take up a lot of space

● Can’t be stored outside

● Don’t last as long as tankless water heaters

Tankless Water Heaters

As homeowners become more energy conscience, tankless water heaters have gained in popularity. Tankless water heaters work by taking cold water from a pipe, and heating it up on demand. This can be done using electricity, or natural gas.


● Depending on water usage, 8-34% more energy efficient

● Smaller size, easier to store

● Can be stored outside

● Longer life expectancy than traditional


● Costs more for the equipment

● Can cost more for maintenance/repair

As with most purchases, each choice has its perks, and drawbacks. Consider your needs, and budget when deciding what’s right for you. Federal and State rebates also offer incentives to replace your water heater. Puget Sound Energy is currently offering rebates for switching your water heater to propane, and for upgrading to a heat pump water heater-yet another new energy efficient water heater option. Whatever you choose for your home, let the certified plumbers at South West Plumbing help you install it with ease.