Follow the yellow brick road for Halloween fun in Snohomish.

A Highlands East cul-de-sac recreated the ‘Wizard of Oz’ in Halloween houses to support the Snohomish County Food Bank.

Residents go all out on decorations, starting with the Kansas farmhouse in black and white and ending with home sweet home and a hot air balloon. Visitors take a complete tour of the classic 1930s movie. They have Munchkinland, poppy fields, a witch’s castle – even a moving tornado.

The decorations are on display now, and neighbors will dress up as the Wizard of Oz characters on Halloween night.

Last year, crowds topped 1,000 people.

Visitor’s information: 137th Place Southeast, Snohomish, Wash. 98296; open nightly. Bins are available for food donations. Find more details on the group's Facebook page.