We’ve been in straight-up countdown mode since January, awaiting the arrival of Rachel’s Ginger Beer in U Village accompanied by Ma‘ono hot fried chicken sandwiches. There might not be a better warm weather combo: spicy sandos and icy ginger beer—make it a mule and you have the makings of an ideal post-shopping drink (or hey, pre-shopping if that’s more your speed).

Whatever your imbibing agenda, the latest outpost of Rachel Marshall’s temple of ginger brew opens next week. Per Marshall, it’s looking like Friday, June 9 just may be the day, should final inspections go as planned.

Official open or no, ginger beer shall be had by all. Marshall says there will be popup lemonade stands pouring ginger beer out front, during U Village’s annual Sidewalk Sale, which runs June 8–11. Catch them outside from about 2 to 6.

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