From a mathematical sense, pi is pretty cool on its own. But Pi Day (3.14, obviously) is even better—because pi is generally celebrated with pie, and pie is even better than pi. In my book, anyway. Here are a few excuses to grab a slice:

Pi Day Pie-Eating Contest
You know those contests on TV where people are chowing down on tins filled with whipped cream meant to look like pies? Well, this is like that, only with Dahlia Bakery coconut cream pies. Ten people will compete in Occidental Square—one will walk away with a $25 gift certificate from Serious Pie.

Preserve and Gather
This Greenwood café held a pie bake-off yesterday, so sadly you’ve already missed it. But they’re continuing the party by donating 3.14 percent of sales to the Union of Concerned Scientists until Pi Day.

Pie Bar
Booze and pie? A match made in heaven. This Ballard shop is opening early on Tuesday (11 a.m. until midnight) to meet your Pi Day needs.

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