I promised I'd give you an update if I ever found Tokyo Olympics 2020 souvenirs. On our last day, success! We wandered into a 5-story store called "Toy Land" near Ginza.

There was a tiny rack on the sidewalk with T-shirts, golf shirts, keychains, lanyards and Japanese- style towels. A colleague searched shops at Narita airport. No luck.

Hope Japanese retailers step things up. I can't be the only one seeking these unique souvenirs!

It says something about the difference between Japanese and Americans when it comes to hawking souvenirs and bric-a-brac associated with any Olympic Games. American retailers can't wait to sell you stuff, even if there are 1224 days to go before the event!

We traveled on an AGT (Automated Guideway Transit) through Odaiba, a neighborhood on a peninsula sticking into Tokyo Bay. Officials plan to build the Olympic Athletes Village here. An AGT has no human driver, but is constantly monitored, so officials tell us "not to worry."

The XXXII Summer Olympiad will take place July 24 to August 9, 2020. NBC is your Olympic station. So catch the 2020 Olympics on KING 5!