Taking epic photos of the moon isn't an easy task. With all kinds of lighting to consider, it takes a special talent to get the perfect shot. We tagged along with Seattle photographer Tim Durkan to learn how.

Durkan’s Space Needle and moon photos have been viewed millions of times around the world and have inspired thousands of photographers to try and recreate their own super shots.

The Sturgeon Moon on Monday night was an interesting color, as smoke from the British Columbia wildfires obstructed some on the moonlight.

“Farmer’s Almanac tells us that Native Americans around the Great Lakes referred to August’s full moon as the ‘Sturgeon’ full moon, because fishing was better during one,” Durkan said. “Tonight’s moon is likely to appear a mysterious shade of red because of raging wild fires in B.C. Though our sunsets and moon rises have been beautiful, they are a good reminder that our air quality and ecosystem are impacted by what happens hundred (even thousands) of miles away.”

Durkan is a seasoned photographer who researches when and where he needs to be to capture amazing images. Tonight’s photo shoot was based on precise calculations.