The third installment in the LEGO movie franchise is about a group of teenage ninjas, but they're all played by veteran comedic actors.

We talked to the cast of The LEGO NINJAGO Movie at LEGOLAND in San Diego.

KIM HOLCOMB: "These were obviously very physically demanding roles, so can you just walk me through the training you did for this film before you even started?”

FRED ARMISEN: “Yeah, we were in Abu Dhabi for a year, a long summer.”

ABBI JACOBSON: “It was a long, hot summer.”

ARMISEN: “A very hot summer. And we had to wear heaters on our necks to make us even hotter."

ZACH WOODS (referring to his Silicon Valley co-star Kumail Nanjiani): "We'll only take jobs if we can be in the same room together, it's a dangerously co-dependent relationship.”

NANJIANI: “Yeah, we make no money."

HOLCOMB: "You guys were basically recruited for these roles because of your vast background in martial arts and action films?”

NANJIANI: “That's correct. Yes, since I was two, I've been doing four hours of karate every day and it really paid off."

HOLCOMB: "I love how (the animators) managed to capture some of your expressions.”

DAVE FRANCO: “You think so? Which ones?”

HOLCOMB: “A little smile.”

FRANCO: “They told me they were trying to match my smile!”

HOLCOMB: “And of course it's your same hair, which was amazing.”

FRANCO (laughing): “You think so? I'll take that."

JACKIE CHAN (on acting with only his voice): "I said, ‘Why me, my English is so bad!’ ‘No, that's what I want.’ But on the set, in the recording room, they just tortured me."

HOLCOMB: "Was (the pronunciation) ‘L-loyd’ on paper or was that your creation?”

JUSTIN THEROUX: “’L-loyd’ actually came out of my inability to read correctly.”

OLIVIA MUNN: “Yeah, it wasn't a ‘creation!’”

THEROUX: "The first time I came into the booth I said, 'Oh my son's name is L-loyd?' And I just read ‘L-loyd,’ so sad really, and then we thought it was hilarious so we thought why don't we just call him L-loyd?”

MUNN: “It is hilarious.”

THEROUX: “So I call him L-loyd throughout the whole movie."

The LEGO NINJAGO Movie is rated PG and opens in theaters September 22.

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