The new movie "It" is predicated on a common fear of scary clowns.

Kim Holcomb talked to some of the young cast members about their personal – and in certain cases, unusual – phobias.

FINN WOLFHARD: "It's more just like everyday stuff, like turbulence on a plane… Just subtle turbulence to shake you enough to make you think something could happen!’”

JAEDEN LIEBERHER: “When there's a tarp over a pool and you fall into it, that's pretty terrifying. It's basically drowning. It's a pretty common fear, but you get wrapped in (a tarp.)”

CHOSEN JACOBS: "I'm always scared when I get in the shower and get water in my eyes and I feel like that one second I have my eyes closed, something's going to snatch me up.”

WYATT OLEFF: “When I'm showering and I feel like there's an empty space behind me and I don't want to turn around, because I feel like something's going to be there. That's why I usually stay close to the wall."

"It" is rated R and opens in theaters September 8.