Winter is no excuse to keep yourself cooped up indoors. Winter hiking can take even your favorite trail and turn it into an entirely new experience. Washington Trails Association’s Youth Programs Director, Krista Dooley, is here today to talk about her favorite winter hikes and how to pack for them.

Dooley recommends the Old Sauk River Trail in Skagit Valley, Twin Falls, coastal hikes, and Guemes Island during the cold winter months. Why winter? You'll find very different wildlife, less bugs, no leaves on the trees (better views), and less crowded trails. Check out the photo below for the 10 packing essentials of a successful winter trip!

But wait! Before you head out, consider these few things to ensure safety and fun for the whole family.

  • Check up on for the latest weather and road conditions as they can change very quickly!
  • Parking passes vary depending on the destination. will tell you what kind of parking pass you need and whether or not you can access the trail itself.Mom tips!
  • Bring along hand warmers and extra clothes in your vehicle for your kids to change into if you get wet while hiking. A warm drink can warm you up as well!
  • When hiking with kids, consider full body rain suits or rubber boots to keep them dry. If your child is in a carrier, continuously check their hands and feet for warmth.