Chef Perfecte Rocher of Tarsan i Jane cooks one of the restaurant's Mediterranean specials, pastenaga.

Recently named one of GQ's Top 10 Best New Restaurants, Tarsan I Jane is guided by the notion of "chef's choice," guests are treated to a wide variety of sampling with each course. Tarsan I Jane is located in Fremont. Learn more on their website, click here.

Make Pastenaga at home:

Carrot Confit
• 25 ea carrot cut 3 cm
• Canola oil (enough to cover carrots)

Heat oil in a pot large enough holding 25 pieces carrots over low heat until warm. Add carrots and cook gently without bubbling until carrots are tender but not mushy. Checking every 7 minutes. Transfer carrots to a sheet tray with parchment paper to cool.

Carrot Guacamole
• 20 ea Confit Carrots
• ½ cup Red onion, chopped
• ¼ cup Jalapeno, chopped
• 2 cups Tomatoes, no seed, small diced
• 1 ½ cup Cilantro, chopped
• 8 tbsp Lime juice or more
• 1 ½ tbsp Salt or to taste

Puree confit carrots until smooth. Transfer puree in a mixing bowl. Combine rest of ingredients with carrot puree and gently fold it with rubber spatula. Adjust seasoning with salt and lime juice.

Carrot Puree
• 185g Cooked Carrots
• 95g Napa cabbage kimchi, squeezed, chopped
• 11g Sambal
• 10g Garlic oil
• 8g butter(optional) or olive oil

Cut carrots into small pieces. Place the carrots in a pot and pour carrot juice to cover. Cook carrots until they are soft enough to puree. Strain it and discard cooking juice. Add all ingredients except butter in a blender and blend it until smooth. Add butter or olive oil while the blender is running if desired.

Carrot Velo
• 500g carrot juice (strain well)
• 5g agar agar

Combine carrot juice and agar agar. Bring mixture to a boil whisking continuously. Once
mixture has boiled, immediately remove from heat and pour mixture over a sheet tray. Be sure not to pour too much or velos will be too thick. Let cool completely in fridge. Using a 4” round mold, portion velos.

Fried Tuscan Kale
• 1 bunch Tuscan kale, remove stems
• Oil for frying

Heat oil to 350F. Cut kale leaves into 4 inch long strips. Fry 5 to 6 leaves at a time and fry until kale is crisp (roughly 1 minute). Remove from fryer and leave kale on top paper towel lined sheet trays to drain and cool. Immediately season with salt.


• Idiazabal cheese, grated
• Black garlic puree
• Smoked oil
• Yuzu it sauce

To assemble:
• Char confit carrot on high flame. Cut charred carrot into coins.
• Heat carrot puree, be careful not to burn it.
• Place a small quenelle of carrot guacamole on left side of plate.
• Put carrot coins right in front of carrot guacamole.
• Drizzle black garlic puree on top of carrot coins.
• Place warm carrot puree right in front of carrot coins.
• Put grated idiazabal cheese on top of carrot coins.
• Carefully place velo on top, covering everything.
• Put very small dot of black garlic puree in the middle of velo to make a placeholder for kale.
• Place crispy kale on the black garlic puree dot.
• Finish with smoke oil, yuzu it sauce and smoked maldon.