Dr. Tami Meragliasays that 90% of patients who visit her complain of the same problems: no energy, and problems losing weight. As a result, they feel sad, defeated and confused. She says that women over age 30 that are experiencing these problems may be experiencing unbalanced hormones. Because so many of her patients experience this issue, Dr. Tami wrote the book

The Hormone Secret. In it, she educates women about how their hormones work and how to effectively get them back into balance.

Today Dr. Tami discusses her book and goes int-depth on the step-by-step, 30-day plan included in the book. By following the plan, women can expect to lose 8-10 pounds and reset their hormones into balance. This will result in increased energy, ability to maintain a healthy weight, improved sex life, heightened vitality, and boosted confidence.

Dr. Tami's Website: http://drtami.com/

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About Dr. Tami
As a double board certified MD in Cosmetic and Integrative Medicine, Dr. Tami Meraglia focuses on hormones and ways to boost and balance them. Her approach is to use natural remedies such as nutrition, targeted supplements and real life stress tools that are both physically and mentally effective, to treat her patients. The Hormone Secret is her first book.