During his twelve seasons in Seattle, Walter Jones stood tall on the offensive line, allowing fewer than two sacks per season. When he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in TWO THOUSAND FOURTEEN, he was called the best offensive tackle to ever play the game. He's a great ambassador for the 'Hawks and is loved by 12s the world over.

Walter's now on a mission to pay tribute to his good friend Cortez Kennedy, legendary Seahawks defensive tackle and Hall of Famer, who passed away earlier this year. Walter's focusing his mission Cortez's giant heart, and habit of calling younger players to check in on them, and make sure they're doing okay.

Walter joined Margaret to talk more about #96Check, which asks veteran players to call younger players to check in and see how things are going. He says anyone can do this - check in on a relative, friend, or colleague. #96Check launches on Tuesday, September 6 (9/6), in honor of Cortez's number 96.

Connect with Walter Jones on Twitter: @BigWalt71