When the Seahawks take on the Dallas Cowboys at CenturyLink Field this Sunday, you'll see a new color added their uniforms and accessories. The 'Hawks are "going pink" to commemorate breast cancer awareness, and everyone from players, to referees to the Sea Gals will be sporting that color. Bridgette Hempstead, a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed on her 35th birthday will lead things off, by performing the national anthem-- and the non-profit she founded, Cierra Sisters, is benefiting from sales of special items all month.


Bridgette joined host Margaret Larson to share her own cancer battle and the work she and "Cierra Sisters" are doing to empower breast cancer patients and survivors from all walks of life and diverse cultural backgrounds. She also talked about her recent trip to Tanzania and other parts of East Africa, as part of the Women's Empowerment Cancer Advocacy Network. She also talked about her love of music, shared by her daughter, upcoming singer-songwriter Shaprece, and how much she's looking forward to performing the national anthem this Sunday.

Game Day: Seahawks vs. Cowboys - Kickoff is at 1:25pm

To celebrate Bridgette, Cierra Sisters and all cancer survivors, Top Pot Doughnuts created a special Seahawks + Breast Cancer Awareness themed doughnut for the audience to enjoy. Visit your neighborhood Top Pot Doughnuts (click here for locations) to try their other delicious flavors and don't forget to pick up a doughnut or two at CenturyLink Field!

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