Honda of Seattle and Toyota of Seattle are redesigning the whole car buying experience from start to finish. Gone are the days of questioning whether or not you are getting the best price, and the stress of negotiating with aggressive salespeople.

"Because of the value of time these days, so many people would rather get our best price up front, even if it's not always the lowest, it creates a better buying experience," says Tim Miller, from Honda of Seattle, and Toyota of Seattle, about what makes their whole "You Drive the Experience" process different.

"We're a one-price Dealer"

Negotiation is a thing of the past, "We offer you our best price up front, and then from there, you work with one sales consultant from hello to goodbye. You don't get the traditional experience of hidden prices, or getting passed around to multiple people."

"There is no haggling."

You don't need to shop around and pitch pricing from other dealers, "We aggressively search the market, and do market-based research pricing, to ensure that we are very very competitive."

All new vehicles come with a 7yr / 100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty, and 7 years of roadside assistance.

"It's easy because it's so transparent"

Honda of Seattle and Toyota of Seattle like to refer to themselves as a "retail store" rather than "dealership", removing competitive language from the buying experience, and they pride themselves on transparency. A buyer gets all the information they need up front including price, interest rates, and warranty info so they can make an informed decision, and will never be surprised at the end of the purchase process.

"All from the comfort of your own home."

You can even purchase a new vehicle from without ever setting foot in the dealership. They've replicated the modern consumer online buying experience in their or Express stores. You can research, compare, and find a vehicle in the Express Store, arrange your own financing. leasing, or cash options, make the purchase and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Buying vs. Leasing

"So many people in this state are now leasing. New vehicles are coming out so quick, technology is changing so quick in the vehicles, that leasing only commits you to a few years of ownership. And at the end of the lease, you do have options to keep the vehicle, or simply return it and get into a new vehicle with new technology."

Giving away a $10,000 Gift Card

As the presenting sponsor of Evenings' 25th Annual Best of Western Washington, Honda of Seattle and Toyota of Seattle are giving away a $10,000 gift card to the Honda of Seattle or Toyota of Seattle online express store! The winner can choose from hundreds of in-stock vehicles to purchase or lease. Every vote is another chance to win. Voting ends Sun, Oct 29th.

Honda of Seattle Express Store
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Toyota of Seattle Express Store
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