It weighs around three pounds, yet it's the most complex organ in our bodies. Two neuroscience educators have compiled answers to more than a hundred questions about our brains, including: Why are yawns contagious, and Why can't we tickle ourselves? The result is their new book, Brain Bytes: Quick Answers to Quirky Questions About the Brain.

The book's co-authors, Dr. Lise Johnson and Dr. Eric Chudler, shared more about their approach to the book, and answered a few of the quirky questions contained within.

Drs. Johnson and Chudler will discuss, and sign copies of Brain Bytes, tonight at 7:00pm, at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. CLICK HERE for more information

Dr. Chudler also hosts a kids show on UWTV called BrainWorks. CLICK HERE for more information.