Consumer expert Steve Filmer shared some of the products that will be featured in the 2017 International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago.

Here are the products Steve showcased:

Hurricane™ COMPACT Juicing Blender

The CPB-380 Hurricane™ COMPACT Juicing Blender with 1+ Peak HP motor from Cuisinart breaks down whole fruits and vegetables in the streamlined BPA Free 32 oz. jar. It minces herbs and spices in the 8 oz. BPA Free chopper cup for delicious nutrient-filled juices and/or smoothies. It has big-blender performance and a blend in “To Go” cup convenience. Included are two 16 oz. travel cups with travel lids, one double wall and one single wall; and, 4 colorful, heavy duty reusable straws!

Pyrex® Watercolor Collection™ Blue Lagoon

You’ve never seen anything like this before. It is definitely not the Pyrex of old. Each one-of-a-kind dish incorporates blue bursts similar to releasing a fountain pen in water. Have to see it to believe it! Sold individually or as part of a set.

ZeroWater® 12-Cup Ready-Pour pitcher

Erin Brockovich would not be surprised that a recent ZeroWater® survey, conducted online by Harris Poll, found that three-quarters of Americans (75%) think most water filters reduce hazardous contaminants down to the acceptable EPA standards for drinking water. They don’t -- but this one does.

We’ve heard a lot in the news about lead in drinking water. The water pitcher you have at home probably does NOT remove lead from your household tap water. The water filtration pitchers currently available that is certified removes both lead and Chromium 6 is from ZeroWater. The ZeroWater® 12-Cup Ready-Pour™ pitcher is NSF Certified for the reduction of lead and other heavy metals such as Chromium 6. It comes with a digital TDS meter that lets you test for the amount of total dissolved solids in your water.

Zyliss® Control 16-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set with Steak Knives

We often find ourselves relying on the same knife for everything from meat to vegetables to spices. But, not all knives are made equally. The Zyliss® Control 16-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set with Steak Knives set includes the mini Santoku all-purpose knife, bread, carving, utility paring, and steak knives. These knives are made with high-quality German stainless steel and includes patented touchpoints for increased leverage and precise cutting. The knives offer enhanced control and comfort for all grip styles so that your hand won’t get tired after extended time spent in the kitchen. The set also includes removable sheaths for easy cleaning. Built-in anti-bacterial materials on sheaths prevents 99.9% of bacterial build-up. Universal sized knife slots fit all knives so you can customize your knife block.

Bialetti Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Brew coffee is the rage and the Bialetti Cold Brew Coffee Maker allows the home coffee enthusiast an opportunity to produce their very own distinguished cold brew coffee at home. In fact, cold brew coffee is 65-percent less acidic than hot-brewed. Bialetti recommends filling the basket with coarse, ground coffee, and letting the grounds steep at room temperature for 18-24 hours. Once the concentrate is brewed, you can remove the basket and discard the grounds. Coffee lovers can also use the concentrate to make coffee ice cubes, which will help prevent the cold brew from tasting watered down. The coffee concentrate will remain fresh for up to 14 days refrigerated. Learn more at