More women and men are looking for ways to retain their youthful look, without procedures that require a long recovery time. Many are turning to Botox and injectable fillers, instead of going full-out on a face lift. And there is even another choice, the Liquid Face Lift. Well Medical Arts offers all of these services, along with a number of others to help combine inner and outer beauty. Dominique Well from Well Medical Arts stopped by the show today to tell us more about these 'injectables'.

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Dominique has this special offer for New Day viewers: A complimentary consultation, including 'facial mapping' to determine their specific needs, as well as 15% off all Dermal Fillers.

Dominique also joined our 'Wellness Wednesday' panel, to answer questions from viewers and audience members, including one asking whether Ultherapy may be used in conjunction with dermal fillers. Please click here to watch.

Earlier this year, Dominique joined Margaret to talk about Ultherapy, as well as give an overview of the scope of internal and external health care services provided at Well Medical Arts. Please click here to watch.

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