Coming to America from Pakistan, Kumail Nanjiani dove into his dream of becoming a comedian. Now, after his successful performance in the hit TV show "Silicon Valley," Kumail, along with his wife Emily Gordon, dips his pen into something a little closer to home, with this summer's new rom-com "The Big Sick."

The film is based on the true story of Kumail and Emily's real life love story and the cultural clashes they faced as a young couple.

From Kumail's family expecting him to have a traditional arranged marriage to Emily's illness that lead to an induced coma, the story tackles a lot of issues. Kumail stars as himself, and actress Zoe Kazan plays Emily.

Today Kumail and Emily join us to discuss the film and the cultural conversation it inspires.

"The Big Sick" will be playing at opening night of SIFF and will hit theatres June 23rd.