Heron's Key is a new, not-for-profit senior housing and service organization coming to Gig Harbor, providing independent housing, as well as services to accommodate residents' changing needs. Available services include assisted living, skilled nurses and around the clock care at significant savings through Heron's Key's life care program. Tom Stanfield, Director of Marketing and Sales for Heron's Key, and charter member Jane Harder joined host Margaret Larson to talk more about Heron's Key and what sets it apart from other retirement/assisted living communities. (Heron's Key is the only "life care" community in the South and West Sound), as well as Pierce County).

Heron's Key will be located at 4021 Harborview Drive in Gig Harbor, and is accepting reservations now. Call 877.892.7129 for more information.

Heron's Key is hosting a special event entitled "Let's run the Numbers," featuring certified financial planner Brad Breeding, on Tuesday, October 14 at 10:30am. The event takes place at Galaxy Theatre (4649 Point Fosdick Drive NW, Gig Harbor). Click on the event title for more information and to reserve a seat.