Heroin and opioid addictions are among the most difficult to kick, and many people relapse a number of times. Staying clean is tough, but people can and do make it. Brittany O'Neill and Stan Moffett shared their experiences.

Brittany is now a peer counselor at a recovery center in California.

CLICK HERE to watch Brittany and her mother, Cherry Boone O'Neill, share how addiction affects the entire family.

Stan currently serves as Vice President of the Sound Mental Health Board of Directors

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Here are other resources for addiction and recovery help:

Washington Recovery Help Line: 1-866-789-1511 (24 hour help for substance abuse, problem gambling, and mental health issues). CLICK HERE to visit their website

CLICK HERE to access the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services - Substance Abuse Treatment Services

CLICK HERE to find a NAR-ANON meeting in your area