Tis the season for family time and game nights! Toy trend specialist Isabel Carrion Lopez from The Toy Association talks the latest toy trends.

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Find the toys highlighted on the show below!

Play and Learn Outdoor Grill

Age: 3+
Price: $24.99

  • The Play & Learn Fun Outdoor Grill includes a variety of plastic and cardboard accessories including tongs, a spatula, steak, chicken and ketchup and mustard bottles and much more.
  • The Play & Learn Outdoor Grill is part of the Active Play category of toys from The Learning Journey.
  • Active Play products provide positive outlets for creative play and building up social skills like sharing, coordinating and cooperation.
  • The products help develop motor skills and coordination but are also a fun way to teach youngsters real world skills such as banking, shopping and cooking!
  • Best of all, kids will have so much fun playing that they will not realize they are learning!

Crayola Ultimate Washable Chalk Collection 64 Count

Age: 4+
Price: $9.99

  • The Crayola Ultimate Washable Chalk Collection turns sidewalks and driveways into a child’s creative canvas!
  • This diverse set includes classic colors and special effects that allow kids to create big, colorful murals and write creative handwritten messages in vibrant shades.
  • Kids and draw and create in bright Crayola colors for traditional chalk games like hopscotch, tic-tac-toe and four square.


  • 64 chalk sticks
  • 56 regular color sticks
  • Eight special effects sticks
  • Two tie dye
  • Two neon
  • Two neon glitter
  • Two glitter

Paper Plane Launcher (The Bridge Direct)

Age: $14.99
Price: 8+

  • Kids can rule the skies and launch paper planes to new heights with the ultimate SkyPaper Paper Plane Launcher!
  • The SkyPaper PPL-1 high velocity launcher blasts paper planes up to 100 feet! Stack up to 3 paper planes in the launcher for rapid fire multi-launch action.
  • Each SkyPaper PPL-1 comes with 24 do-it-yourself Paper Planes and easy-to-follow instructions. Build the Glider Plane for speed and distance, or go for flair with the Stunt Plane.

Giant Gazillion Palm Jugglers (Funrise)

Age: 3+
Price: $7.99

  • Create massive bubbles with this unique, hand-held device and specially formulated GIANT bubble solution.
  • Simply pour the Giant Gazillion Bubble Solution into the provided tray, strap the Bubble Juggler to the hand, dip it in the solution and push the button to create GIANT bubbles that can hover in the air!
  • Includes a 4 oz bottle of Giant Gazillion Bubble solution.

Razor Party Pop (Razor)

Age: 6+
Price: $49.99

  • Become the life of the party with the all-new, light-up Party Pop from Razor.
  • Step on the deck to fire up the pulsating multi-color lights, then keep the fun rolling as you take this light show on wheels on a kick-powered tour through the neighborhood.

EGGED ON Game (Hasbro)

Age: 8+
Price: $19.99

  • Pick the right egg -- or get soaked! In this hilarious and suspenseful new EGGED ON game, players take turns picking plastic eggs out of the container and “cracking” them on top of their heads!
  • If you pick the egg that’s filled with water – you get wet! Try not to “crack” up when playing this addictive game! The EGGED ON game includes 12 plastic eggs and instructions.

Alex Poof Stratoslam Rocket (ALEX Brands)

Age: 5
Price: $39.99

  • POOF Strato-Slam Rocket Battle Blast uses air power to launch high-flying rockets over 200-feet in the air! Provides countless hours of safe outdoor fun!
  • Made of soft, safe foam, these rockets are launched into the sky by an air-powered blast chamber that's connected to a hose and launching dock. Simply place the launching dock on the ground and attach the flexible air hose.
  • Slide the rocket onto the airshaft and stomp on the blast chamber with your foot to watch the rocket blast off. POOF's rockets have a solid design when compared to other launch rockets. Strato-Slam rocket wings are constructed of durable, soft foam and the launch pad features a sturdy 2-part design that simply clicks in place and does not require screws.
  • Multiple players so children can see whose rocket goes the highest.
  • Includes 6 foam tipped rockets, 2 launching docks, 2 air hoses and 2 blast chambers