A special program at Stafford Creek Correctional Center in Aberdeen gives shelter dogs a second chance, and changes inmates lives as well. The Freedom Tails program pairs offenders with dogs to train for16 weeks, to save them from euthanization and increase their chances of being adopted by loving families.

Volunteer dog trainer Deb Thomas-Blake and photographer/bio-writerKaren Diehm, along with Indy, a an inmate-trained dog and June Cotner, who adopted Indy, joined Margaret to talk about the life-changing work that goes on behind bars.

Some dogs just completed training in August and are now available for adoption. To take a look, visit their website:www.northbeachpaws.org

For information on the Freedom Tails Program:www.freedomtails.net

Karen works for Grays Harbor Community College at Stafford Creek, and is the dog photographer and biography writer, not a trainer...the dogs who graduated in May were adopted prior to class end, as were the dogs who graduated in August. The only dogs currently up for adoption are some of the ones from the class that started yesterday (8/30/11). Our classes are 8 weeks long...sometimes we have the dogs up to 10 weeks because it may take me the entire 2 weeks between classes to get 16 dogs in.

June Cotner is also an author. For more information about her book, Dog Blessings: Poems, Prose and Prayers Celebrating Our Relationship with Dogs, please visit her website:www.junecotner.com