No matter the decade, one fashion item that never goes out of style is denim. Stylist Darcy Camden shows us what's new, happening and even high-tech - including the Seattle-based online denim site Fitcode.

Darcy’s top denim tips:

#1. If they fit, try one size down. These days, most denim is laced with stretch. It’s great for comfort but also makes finding your size that much harder. Most people end up getting jeans that are too big. If pick a pair and it fits easily, try the next size down (if that one fits easily, go down again).

#2. Hem, but leave 1/4 inch for shrinking in the dryer. Or, take them home, wash and dry them once, and then bring them back for hemming.

#3. Only wear a belt for fashion. If you NEED a belt to make your pants fit, you’re wearing the wrong jeans.

#4. Turn your jeans inside out when you wash. This prevents fading. I also recommend adding 1 cup of vinegar to your wash if you’re washing dark denim.

#5. But don’t wash too much. Denim was originally created to never be washed, and while that’s not realistic for us now, it is bad for the fabric to over wash jeans. Overwashing loosens the weave, dulls the color and morphs the fit. So! wash them when they are actually dirty (once or twice a month), but don’t throw them in your weekly wash just because.