Gardener extraordinaire, Ciscoe Morris, gets into the Halloween spirit with a container full of black and orange floral arrangements and a few spooky additions.

Halloween has to be one of the most fun holidays of the year. It's fun to decorate the front garden and doorsteps with all sorts of spooky decorations, so why not add a scary Halloween pot to add to the fun? Here's a fun design, guaranteed to scare even the bravest of trick or treaters!

Halloween Pot


  • Corokia cotoneaster - This is one of my favorite plants. This Native to New Zealand has wiry, zigzagging branches that look dead. In fact half the time people see this plant in my garden they ask me why I have a dead plant in my pot. What could make a better centerpiece for a Halloween pot? It's just barely hardy here, so cover it with row crop cover (polyethylene fabric available at nurseries that allows air and light through, yet keeps the plant about 4 degrees warmer) if temperatures in the low 20s are forecast, and remove it when temperatures moderate again.


  • Black Mondo grass - Closely related to asparagus, this black-leaved grass like plant is absolutely the coolest of cool plants, and the perfect black addition to a Halloween pot. Easy to divide, you can dig it out in spring and plant it in morning sun for a really cool groundcover in your garden.
  • Orange and black pansies - Pansies are incredible plants in a winter pot. They freeze right to the ground in freezing weather, then bounce right back up and bloom their little hearts out again when temperatures go back above freezing. Of course orange and black are the perfect colors for Halloween and will look incredible with the other colors in the pot.

Now have fun by adding a creepy spider, or a scary piece of glass art.

Finally, to make your pot really scary, stick a big stalk of brussels sprouts in the mix. That's guaranteed to scare the living tweetle out of anyone walking up to your door!

Happy Halloween!


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