Steve Swenson has spent more than forty years climbing mountains around the globe, with most of his time spent in a region teeming with political turmoil. He's passionate about the mountains and peaks in Kashmir, an area disputed by Pakistan, India and China.  And even though people in the region tend to dislike climbers, he's forged relationships with many there, sharing their respect and love for that corner of the world.

Steve shared more about his experiences on the Karakoram Range. He writes, in-depth, about those experiences in his new book, Karakoram: Climbing Through the Kashmir Conflict.

Steve will share his experiences and sign copies of his book, next Thursday (April 13) at The Mountaineers' Seattle Program Center (7700 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle 98115), as part of The Mountaineers' BeWild Speaker Series. CLICK HERE for more information.

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