Zach Weinersmith appears on New Day to talk about his book SOONISH and his event in Seattle last night, BAHFest. Zach co-wrote SOONISH, a novel about “ten emerging technologies that’ll improve and/or ruin everything”, with his wife and scientific researcher Dr. Kelly Weinersmith. He is also the creator of BAHFest.

BAHFest (which stands for Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses Festival) is a "celebration of terrible ideas". The event features a handful of speakers presenting thoroughly researched (but completely incorrect) scientific hypotheses to a panel of judges who debunk them and name a winner.

SOONISH is an investigatory look into 10 different technological fields, from space elevators to augmented reality, that shows us how life could possibly look "soonish" from now. This bright and funny novel is a mix of the Weinersmith's own research, interviews with scientists, and comics drawn by Zach.