The view from the heavens reveals the hell below.

The town of Pateros is charred but not scarred.

And this Alex Thomason is on fire.

He is a lawyer in Brewsterdelivering generators to his neighbors just down the highway. Including this new one he showed me, We got this from Grace Community Church in Wenatchee. They are also donating another 5 thousand dollars in gas cards, Alex said.

He s gonefrom a power broker to a power distributor in a single moment. Alex is organizing crews and donating thousands of his own dollars so folks in Pateros can see the light after a week of darkness.

Between deliveries, Alex does a little legal work. He's donating tens of thousands of dollars in free legal fees. He's also asking other lawyers to help sort through resident s insurance policies.

Alex and his crews have delivered close to 150generatorsin the valley. But you better lock them up so thieves don t take them away.

Next Alex will power up a bank teller who's been without power for close to a week.

Now will let the unsuspectingbank teller know he ll have power tonight.

Alex was thankful, This is completely unexpected, this is great.

Now Aaron and his wife have power, and Alex has another generator to deliver.

His 14 hour day is justhalf over, It s an amazing experience to be a part of ititreally is .