“You have to stay focused because as you're going through the green gates, you're looking for the blue.”

I’m getting instructions from Jaguar’s lead driving instructor, Davy Jones, as I race around the Smart Cone course, named the world’s toughest circuit by a British voice over actor in a Jaguar advertisement.

So it pretty much has to be true.

“It's a challenge,” said Jones.”You against three different opponents. Overall time.Shortest distance around the course between the gates. And your accuracy: You have to have the car centered between the gates every time you go through.

I’ve always thought of myself as a decent driver. But I've already got one point against me. I'm a guy.

“A lot of ladies get high scores just because they're smooth, consistent and they're not trying to be a hero by going too fast,” said Jones.

If anything I may be too careful a driver. That’s why this story is a little dull. My score pretty average. But as I always say, safety first.

The Jaguar course is free and available to anyone with a valid drivers license. The Seattle International Auto Show runs through Sunday at Centurylink Field Events Center.