When Andrew Drake wanted to increase the paddleboard business down at his shop, Surf Ballard, he came up with an idea he hoped would float.

"Everyone's looking for different ways to work out and with yoga being in a studio sometimes can be sweaty and smelly and stuffy and why not be outside,” said Drake.

Drake's business has taken the peaceful poses of yoga and put them out to sea, in a class called paddleboard yoga.

"Every single time I go out, it's brand new it's really, really fun,” said Drake.

Hasna Artly is the instructor for ‘Wa Sup Yoga’. She says this new location for this ancient exercise gives it a whole new twist.

"A lot of the practice of yoga is so that people can center and be right in that very moment,” said Artly. “And it's fairly impossible to not be in the moment when you're trying to stay dry and up right."

For long time yoga enthusiast Vicki Wilson, the class sounded both intriguing and challenging.

"I've always love doing yoga and anything like that out in nature, outside, so being on the water and not just on the ground just seems a lot more tranquil,” said Wilson. “And it also sounds incredibly hard."

After a short paddle out from shore, the group ties up for a workout on the water.

The water rocks the board with every movement, forcing you to use your core muscles more in search of stability.

If you're not completely focused, some riders find themselves doing the "dog paddle" instead of "downward dog", but for most getting their sea legs doesn't take too long.

"At first they might have dealt with some fears issues it's all kind of gone and erased after someone has a practice in balance and in breathing on the board."

After a little over an hour on the water, Vicki and the others come back lively and limber.

"It really challenged you to be present cause you couldn't not have your footing right in order to stay on the board,” said Wilson. “And I didn't fall in!”

"Once they start they keep coming back. And it's really building a nice community of floating yoga practitioners,” said Artly.

So, if you have trouble focusing while holding a pose, yoga on a paddleboard just might float, your inner boat.

Surf Ballard
(206) 726-7878
6300 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

Wa Sup Yoga
(206) 387-9054
6300 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

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