Maple Valley, WA---In ancient times Ronin roamed the Japanese countryside. They were samurai with no master, independent warriors, ready for anything, any time.

That's what attracted Travis Ramsey to the ways of the Ronin...and why he opened Ronin Training in Maple Valley.

"Everyone needs to know how to move, how to climb, how to jump, how to take a fall, how to defend yourself," he says

Travis competed on the very first season of the popular NBC show "American Ninja Warrior," performing feats of strength and agility that seem impossible.

But in his gym, he shows what IS possible as he passes along what he learned in two years of Green Beret training.

"You start movin' better. You start feelin' better. You start lookin' better. You start sleeping better. You start eating better. And pretty soon, the stuff that looked impossible to you now is very attainable."