For more than twenty years, Joe Koenen has been coming to Fremont Oktoberfest to catch the costumed pumpkin carving contest.This will be his first time competing.

“I will be performing as 1960’s Batman,” Koenen said. “The Batman back when he had heart and warmth.The Batman who's a hero for everyone.”

All he will need is his handy Bat Chainsaw and a few pumpkins and what follows is sure to be entertaining.

“It is messy,” Koenen said. “It's probably the messiest event here. However if you do it right, the mess may be part of the art.”

There wasn't a microbrew festival in the Northwest until Fremont Oktoberfest came around in the mid 1990’s.

“We will have awesome rock bands,” said founder Phil Megenhardt. “We'll have 50 breweries that will serve about 100 beers.”

And there will be dozens of pumpkins reduced to an orange, gory mess.