Order a Bloody Mary at Bremerton's Garage Bar and Grill...and you may be getting a meal.

‘We building monsters here,’ says general manager Annie Hedlund.

Naturally they offer a classic take on America's favorite brunch drink.

‘It is the ultimate hangover cure,’ laughs Hedlund.

It's just that The Garage is big on garnish.

Very big.

‘Their first reaction is ‘That's the basic?’, says Hedlund. ‘I say Yes. ‘They're like ‘Oh my gosh! I can't wait to see what the other ones look like.’

The others look even more monstrous!

Some have sliders, grilled cheese sandwiches, almost anything that can be skewered on a stick.

‘I brain storm when I get home,’ says Hedlun. ‘ I'm always working so I try not to always work but I'm always working and I just think 'What would be good in a bloody mary?'

Such a good question:

What do you get when you add a pepperoni straw, candied bacon, chicken wings, onion rings and a bag of Skittles?

The answer to the delight of Seahawks fans is The Beast Mode Bloody Mary

‘We just kept creating new ones and new ones and now we have a whole menu of them,’ says Hedlund.

And not just Bloody Marys.

The Southerner is a Mimosa topped off with chicken, half a Belgian waffle and of course a side of syrup.

‘Pretty much the bigger the better,’ says Hedlund.

And it doesn't get bigger than the BBM : The Big Bloody Mary.

‘You do need two hands to carry it,’ says Hedlund

It's basically every Bloody Mary garnish they make ...served in a 64 ounce pitcher.

‘Once that goes to a table everybody that's in the bar when it walks by they're like what? What is that? We're like that's The Big Bloody Mary’, says Hedlund.

See? Monsters do exist.

And at The Garage they're delicious.