You may recognize Chef Jason Stratton from his time competing on the reality cooking show "Top Chef." But Stratton’s latest role is that of executive chef at the popular Seattle restaurant Mamnoon.

Stratton doesn't drive. So when he goes out to eat, he prefers to walk to places near his home on Capitol Hill.

"I really believe that, you know, we all have a need for kind of a second living room, and I think a lot of the places I tend to go to are places that really make you feel comfortable," Stratton said.

Here’s the list of places Chef Stratton took Evening to:

Kedai Makan
1802 Bellevue Ave
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 556-2560

Ristorante Machiavelli
1215 Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 621-7941

Single Shot
611 Summit Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 420-2238