It's the deciding day of the 1955 championship series between the Seattle Rainiers and Los Angeles Angels, and Huey races down Rainier Avenue looking for his lost ticket to Sicks Stadium.

That's the premise of 'A Ticket to the Pennant,' written by Mark Holtzen. It's more than a book about baseball.

'The whole idea was a love letter to my neighborhood,' says Holtzen. 'I love living here.'

To reconstruct the way his neighborhood looked sixty years ago, both men visited historical societies and local museums

'When I first got assigned to the book, I met Mark and we had a walk down Rainier Avenue,' says illustrator John Skewes. 'We went into all the existing businesses and we tried to recreate the path that the book would take.'

Like Sicks Stadium itself, some of the businesses Huey visits are no longer with us. While others, like Borracchini's Bakery and Mutual Fish, are still thriving.

'For me, it's been rewarding to hand the book to people in the neighborhood, like Harry at Mutual Fish, and watch their response,' says Holtzen.

Harry Yoshimura says it's nice seeing his dad remembered in a children's book, and everyone might feel the same way about Rainier Valley captured in a 32-page celebration of a time when baseball was the only game in town.

A Ticket to the Pennant was published this week by Sasquatch Books.