He shot to fame in the 1990's as lead singer of The Presidents of the United States of America.  He reinvented himself as kindie rock superstar Caspar Babypants.  Now, Chris Ballew and his artist wife, Kate Endle, say "Welcome To My Neighborhood."

"I like living in West Seattle because I feel like it's the original Seattle," Ballew said.  "Great parks, great walking, wildlife, just looking out at the vast expanse of mountains is such a great thing to live next to."

We begin our tour with their favorite cheeseburger in paradise, Pepperdock on Alki.

"We love to come here because every Christmas we come here," said Ballew. "What better place to spend Christmas morning than by the beach eating cheeseburgers?"

Endle added, "It's an untraditional tradition."

Onward, to the couple's favorite record store and cafe, Easy Street on California Avenue SW.  Owner Matt Vaughn has been selling music here in the Alaska Junction since the 80's.

Ballew said, "There's art, there's music, there's people, there's food.  It's just like this heartbeat of the junction."

The prices aren't bad, either.

"I got Chicago's Greatest Hits.  Four dollars," boasted Ballew. "That's a lot of horns for four dollars."

West Seattle's Thunder Road Guitars is a candy shop for this kid.

"It's a giant treasure trove of sparkly potential," Ballew said. "I always walk in to a guitar store and I think, oh, look at all of the songs that haven't been written yet."

A quick stop to feed their favorite goats along Jacobsen Road, and we complete our tour at Weather Watch Park. The couple came here on one of their first dates, after setting out to show each other their fantasy dream homes.

Ballew said, "As I zeroed in on the house I was going to show Katie, it turned out it was the same house she was going to show me."  

It was the waterfront brick building adjacent to the park. Their relationship was sealed.  And so was their love for West Seattle.