The Sonics aren't back, but pro men's hoops are this weekend … it’s 3-on-3 at the Key!

It's all part of Big 3 - a new basketball league featuring former NBA stars, founded by rapper, actor and producer Ice Cube.

Ice Cube caught up with Kim Holcomb at the station to talk about Big 3 and his song “It was a good day,” which features the lyrics “The Lakers beat the Supersonics.”

Kim Holcomb: It's a little hard for me to believe, but 25 years ago, you immortalized the Lakers beating the Supersonics. Would you like to apologize to Seattle for that?

Ice Cube: No, not at all. You guys had our number so much. Beating you guys was definitely a good day because it didn't happen too much. I feel like maybe this is an olive branch, having the playoffs for 3 on 3 here, without a doubt. Seattle was one of the first cities in our hearts and in our minds when we put this together.

KH: For people who aren't familiar with it, explain how 3 on 3 works and how this weekend will work with the playoffs.

IC: 3-on-3 is half court, three guys on the court, two subs and they play to 50. And there's a two-pointer, a three-pointer, and we've got a four point shot which is pretty cool and innovative.

KH: Now you're gonna have little kids practicing their four-point shot because three points wasn't enough.

IC: Yep, 30 feet away, just draw a 50-inch circle 30 feet away from the basket. This weekend is our playoffs. You're gonna see four games. Two of them are pretty much consolation but the last two are to see who goes to the championship. It's something to do for the family, affordable tickets -- four games for the price of one. You're seeing Hall of Famers and 40 of your former favorite NBA players.

We hope it induces the NBA to realize that they love basketball in Seattle. and you guys deserve a team. and I'm selling the Clippers for cheap. If you want to put together a Go Fund Me, let's make it happen right now, right now.

The basketball season will be over next week and then I can get back to my life -- being Ice Cube and not just sports dude. I'm gonna jump back on the music. We've got the 26th anniversary of my album “The Predator” coming out, so we may throw a few songs on that and keep it hot."

You can check out the Big 3 playoffs Sunday afternoon at Key Arena. Doors open at 1 p.m., and tickets start at just $20. Legendary Sonics Gary Payton and Rashard Lewis will be in the house. Buy tickets here

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