This is what heaven looked the 1970's!

The outside of the beautiful Camano Island Estate. 

Kyla Fairchild is selling her beloved Mod Mabana Beach House on Camano Island.

Built in the late 1970s, it was deluxe in its day.

"I think it has sort of that opulent, 70's party vibe. But it's also really homey and relaxed," Fairchild said.

The inside of the groovy house on Camano Island. 

It's rare to see a house so well-preserved; that's partially due to electric hurricane shade that protected this gem.

The 1970's Camano Island estate has been well preserved partially due to the electric hurricane shades that protected this gem. 

There's a quasar solid state TV tucked under carpeted stairs, a chalet-style fireplace and a classic intercom.

The Quasar Solid State TV located under the staircase in this groovy Camano Island Estate. 

Kyla says when they discovered it 11 years ago, it was a diamond in the rough that just needed the dust blown off.

Other features include a stunning southwest view where you feel like you're on a houseboat because 180 degrees out the window of the house, all you can see is water.

So if you're feelin' groovy, look no further than this far out Camano Island classic that's not really far at all.

If you want it, Edward will sell it to you!