It's our Canadian edition of Unreal Estate with a tour of Whistler's most expensive home on the market.

In Whistler's most exclusive neighborhood, Stonebridge, just a 12 minute drive from the village, you discover this nine bedroom mountain estate.

“You really don't need blinds and curtains in this home because you are completely secluded from any other neighbor,” said real estate agent John Ryan.

The outdoor living room is part of $8 million Canadian worth of just completed renovations. They're still adding finishing touches. There's a covered sitting area with a fireplace and a stunning pool steps away.

After a hike on the trails fanning out from the property, you'll probably want to drop back into that pool.

“It has the length that you can do laps,” said Ryan. “But I think the hot tub will get the most use with a glass of wine.”

The high ceilings and timber inside mirror the mountains which surround this retreat that is both rugged and refined. 

“This open floor plan includes the kitchen and kind of a family/living room here,” said Ryan. “The main dining room and then a beautiful sitting room over here so you can hang out with guests by the fire.”

Expanded windows let in the light in the massive chef's kitchen with three ovens and at the end of the hall is very much a bedroom and bath with view. With updated details like outlets in the drawers, it's luxury for sure, but liveable luxury, built with family in mind.

And when you buy this place, you may just feel like movie star!