Dru used to live on the streets, and now he's back. But this time, it's because he wants to be there.

"I didn't know what a childhood was. Abused every day for no reason," said Dru. "I'd been doin' drugs since I was 7 years old. Coke, heroin, meth and then anything I could find. I lost a wife and a daughter. Prison time."

He doesn't use his last name.

He got shot and stabbed by his mom. But he doesn't like to call her that.

"Well you can use that word. I don't really use it," Dru mentioned.

And his drug habit started in second grade when he swiped his mom's pain pills.

"I came home from school that day and on that walk home, I popped one. Got home, got beat like I normally did and didn't feel it."

And that's how he ended up strung out on the streets of Seattle.

He heard he could stay at the Union Gospel Mission, so he went in. There, he detoxed, got clean and saw what love is for the first time. He eventually became a hero for the homeless.

"I came out here with pure hatred. I hated everybody," Dru said. "And now I do a job where I love everybody. And honestly, if it wasn't for this place, that wouldn't have happened."

So what is he doing on the streets?

Under Union Gospel Mission's Search and Rescue, Dru drives a van around town searching for and rescuing people who are like he was.

Richard McAdams hadn't slept or eaten in five days. From a very dark place, he prayed for his idea of the ultimate rescue: death.

"What I was asking was for [God] to do was just take my life. A half-hour after I prayed, He saw fit to see things differently," Richard said.

Sideways from his cardboard bed on the ground, he saw a van stopped with the word "rescue" on it.

Now, Richard and Dru work the streets together. They know instinctively what these people need because they were there.

"To be able to take everything you've been through, everything you've done, all bad stuff and be able to turn it around and use it all for good," Dru exclaimed. "This is the best job in the world."

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