An event that can help bring out your inner artist, with a little liquid courage. It's the latest way to "uncork" your creativity!

Just sip, swirl, and paint.

“I feel like I’m getting my inner artist out,” said Lisa Cryder.

It starts with a blank canvas, and a full glass of wine. By night's end creative juices will be over-flowing.

“We want you to uncork your creativity and find that inner Van Gogh within yourself and a passion you may or may not know you ever had,” said Cryder.

Lisa Cryder, organizes Cork and Canvas events throughout Washington. Uninhibited evenings of sipping, swirling, and painting.

“So, obviously the more wine you drink the more you are going to like your masterpiece that you are creating,” said Cryder.

Every potential Picasso -- friends, co-workers, mothers, daughters -- receives instruction from artist Suzy Cyr.
“I can make this a little bit of green toward the middle,” said Cyr.

She holds tonight's inspiration, an impressionist painting called "Romantic Walk."

“If you want to go crazy and go van gogh on me, that's ok, too.

“I don't know, it's kind of nice to let it flow and just see what happens.

“There is no number, no drawing, it's no paint by numbers, it's all free hand and we do it in sections.

No right or wrong way ...just put paint to canvas until the finishing touch.

As wine glasses run dry creativity saturates the spirit to uncork the artist in everyone.

The next Cork and Canvas event is on Saturday, Nov. 5th at Pacific Place - and it's a family-friendly event!