Former Seahawk Marcus Trufant is going to try his hand and feet at hockey!

It's True teaching Tru. T-Birds center Alexander True from Denmark is going to show Tacoma’s own Marcus Trufant around the ice.

Alexander's been skating since he was 2-years-old. Marcus says he has a distant memory of skating in elementary school.

“Are we against each other today? Or are we on teams?” laughed Marcus.

And then comes some last-minute advice.

“It’s going to be a little rough out there for you so, bend your knees a little bit,” said Alexander.

Marcus' Barbershop radio co-host Terry Holliman and Evening reporter Michael King provide insightful commentary.

“So you don't necessarily need to know how to score, just how to celebrate,” said King.

“Right it's all about looking good,” said Holliman.

Marcus takes his first baby steps onto the ice.

“How would you describe his skating ability?” asked King.

“Very childlike,” said Holliman. “Childlike.”

“It does look a little like Bambi,” said King.

“Maybe that's going to be his new nickname? Bambi Marcus, Bambi Trufant. He'll like that.”

Bambi gets to learn from the best. Alexander and his roommate Keegan Kolesar demonstrate how to ride the horse!

Then it's on to the holster!

Okay, Marcus isn’t bad at the celebrations. How 'bout a figure skating challenge for the pros though?

“If you guys had to do a bunch of spins and s$%# like that, y'all could do that?” asked Marcus.

“I don't even know what I'm doing right now,” said Alexander.

As for Marcus, he's glad he chose football and feels all of his 36 years of age.

“You guys didn't tell me these guys was 19-years-old, bra!” said Marcus.

Everybody's impressed he doesn't fall! Tru's clearly still got it!