The Wolves are coming! A new film called The Trouble with Wolves captures the controversy, as ranchers and ecologists square off with wolves caught in the middle.

Filmmaker Collin Monda admits he started this project five years ago on the side of the wolf. But he soon realized there were legitimate concerns on both sides. He intended to make a short film, but it became a 55-minute feature.

"To make a good documentary, you try to open your ears and your eyes and take it all in. Otherwise, you might be missing a key piece of the story," says Collin.

He says though much of the movie is set in Montana, the issue is fast-approaching Washington state. The government re-introduced wolves into Yellowstone National Park two decades ago. The first pack was spotted in Washington in 2008. Now there are multiple packs.

He is currently shopping the film to festivals around the world.

Trailer here.