We buy tickets to movies like Kong: Skull Island to see massive monsters battle it out on the big screen. And Samuel L Jackson says that’s the way it should be. “There still should be films that we can go to that allow us to escape the 24/7 deluge of news, whether it's good, bad or otherwise," he says.

You want escape? King Kong has been the go-to monster since 1933

“My first memory of Kong is the image of him on top of the Empire State Building with the light planes coming towards him.” Says Tom Hiddleston. “It's such an iconic image.”

For more than 80 years the big ape has been making a big entrance, and arrogant men have been thinking
they got this.That's harder to do in Kong: Skull Island, where the giant ape has doubled in size to a hundred feet tall.

Why do the stars think we root for Kong even when it means we're rooting against ourselves?

“What's incredible about Kong is he's this allegory of our human nature,” says Brie Larson. “We realize that yes, this thing is bigger than us and has the ability to hurt us but he won't unless provoked.

Kong may be king, but I asked the stars to name their favorite movie monster--aside from the big hairy one.

“Frankenstein's Monster because it's my first real fright, “ says John Goodman. “I was really scared of him.”

“It's a tie for me between Kong and Godzilla,” says Tom Hiddleston. “ There was a cartoon of Godzilla that I grew up watching. There's a principal character, a Captain Majors, and if he pressed the red button then Godzilla came out of the ocean and saved everybody.”

“My favorite movie monster? I’m going to say Gremlins,” says Brie Larson. “After they've eaten that's when they’re scary.”

“I think that monster shark in Jaws is my favorite,” says Toby Kebbell. “Like it scared me forever. I'm still scared. I get out of the swimming pool quick like”.

Kong: Skull Island hits theaters March 10, 2017.