From a loo with a view, to a fabulously creative commode, some restrooms are the best rooms.

In 1950, Seattle's Canlis restaurant was built for 50,000 dollars. A few years later, they spent that much on the women's room upgrade alone.

"I think beauty should exist in every little, tiny corner of the restaurant," said Brian Canlis, co-owner of the family business.

The restaurant's success has always been about attention to detail.

"I know the names of the fishermen who caught tonight's salmon," Canlis said.

That quest for perfection extends to the restroom, where you'll find museum-quality artwork, an elegant Japanese garden, and a lounge filled with the finest furniture and accessories.

"The fabric on the pillow is Fortuny," Canlis explained. "I could send my kid to college with that stupid pillow."

Customer interest in the washroom often challenges the wait staff.

"It's actually become a problem a little bit, because sometimes guests will get up, use the restroom, and then not return for a long time because they're hanging out. And we have food to deliver," said Canlis.

Across town at Seattle Glassblowing Studio, their posh potty, adorned in handblown glass from floor to ceiling, is a labor of love.

"Everybody loves it," said Brandon Cupp, an artist at the studio.

"We visualized it first and then put it all here," he said.

Eight artists worked for three months, creating the glass wall coverings - and almost everything else in the restroom - by hand.

Cupp said, "Every single day, five days a week of blowing tiles."

Even the glass paper towel holder, lamps and sink bowl were created from scratch.

The Northwest's loftiest latrine is perched more than 900 feet above the streets of Seattle.

"It's always beautiful. It's always different," said Ida Sacchi, mebership director at the Columbia Tower Club.

Every stall in the women's restroom atop the Columbia Center is a window seat, with sweeping views of Seattle, and a lounge area to rival any 5-star hotel suite.

"It's the best in town," Sacchi asserted. But you'll only get to enjoy the view as a club member or guest. Could be worth the price of admission to sit in the lav of luxury.