"Everybody's got jerseys, hats, wigs. I wanted to take the extra step!"

At the Blue Friday Rally in Renton, no Seahawk fan walked taller than Pete Nichols.

"I gave my left leg to be a fan," he laughs.

Nichols lost a leg in a motorcycle accident. After the Seahawks won Super Bowl 48, he got permission from to use the team's helmet design as a tattoo for his prosthetic. Then, to get it made, he went to a one of a kind port orchard company called Prosthetic Ink owned by Dan Horkey, a fellow amputee.

"It's bringing those feelings out of an individual and letting them express themselves, " says Horkey.

Airbrush artist Mark Dalton, who usually works on hot rods and Harleys, did the paint job.

"For me to come in and do something they appreciate that much and that they can show off and feel good about that's been very difficult in their lives is lots of fun.," he says.

It took just a week before Horkey presented Nichols with his new Seahawks leg. That was August. Now, five months later Nichols and his leg are getting a lot of attention.

"You know I wear shorts year round," Nichols says. "I'm not ashamed of my prosthetic for obvious reasons!"

The most obvious reason being he's a Seahawks fan who's expecting no less than another trip to the Super Bowl.

"This year we're going again," says Nichols. "I have no doubt. I have no doubt."

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