They have a saying at Portland's Grilled Cheese Grill...

"Come by for a taste of your childhood, unless your childhood sucked, and then we'll share a taste of ours,” said owner of Grilled Cheese Grill Matt Breslow.

But their specialty sandwich isn't the only throwback to childhood.

"Even if you made the best grilled cheese at home,” said Breslow. “You don't have a school bus in your backyard.”

In the dining room, it's perfectly acceptable to open the emergency exit and draw on the walls.

"The guys who painted this mural, it took them about three months to do the whole thing,” said Breslow. “And you could sit in here on any given day, sit in a different spot, and you'll see something you haven't seen before."

Look down, and you'll also see ghosts of elementary school past.

"This is me in my super-awesome '80's jean jacket,” said Breslow.

Reminding customers of a simpler time and helping them live out a dream.

"It's like, taboo,” said Breslow. “When you're a kid, you never get to eat on the bus. We get to eat on the bus!"

And what you eat depends on how young you feel.

"The kindergartner is your basic option, you can choose between white bread or wheat bread, with American cheese or cheddar cheese,” said Breslow. “And the preschooler is the same sandwich, same choices, but with the crusts cut off."

There are adult options, too - featuring things like brie and pesto.

All the sandwiches are brushed with enough butter to yield the perfect amount of crunch and justify going out for grilled cheese.

"Food always tastes better when someone else makes it for you,” said Breslow.