Evening reporter Saint Bryan recently had a chance to talk to the stars of Beauty and The Beast about the first movie they ever saw in a theater.

An entire generation of young women has grown up with Beauty and The Beast's Belle as a role model.

“Oh I just loved her,” said Emma Watson. “She was this feisty young woman who spoke her mind and had all of these ambitions and was incredibly independent.”

“It was my favorite film growing up,” said Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Now, there's a new version of Beauty and The Beast, and a new, strong willed heroine played by human rights activist Emma Watson.

“Because Belle was such an iconic strong female role model in the 91 movie," said director Bill Condon. "It felt really neat to have someone who is leading that life now in the 21st and someone who could update that idea, that was kind of icing on the cake but it's a really crucial element of why I think the movie works.”

For thousands of children around the world, this may be the first film they ever see on a big screen, which made us wonder… What was the first film the stars ever saw in a theater?

“I think it might have been Notre Dame and I actually had to leave because I found it so distressing –emotionally distressing—it wasn't because I was afraid, I was just upset,” said Watson.

“I can't remember,” said Dan Stevens. “It's so weird that nobody's asked me that.”

“Mine was Bambi,” said Luke Evans. “I remember Bambi and I remember weeping as a child. And I remember it very well so much so that I got a rabbit and named it Thumper it was my first rabbit, yeah.”

“No I can't remember. My God,” said Stevens.

“This is weird but the first movie I vividly remember seeing in a theater was Karate Kid Part 2,” said Josh Gad. “And what was so interesting about the that I have of seeing that movie is it starts off with these choppy moments of the original before it goes into the sequel and I didn't know what a sequel was so I started to get really angry that they were cutting all the best parts out and I was like ‘This is so dumb! Why are they doing it like this?’ and I couldn't understand the concept that this was going to tell a further story of Miyagi and Daniel, so I was like this is amazing.”

Beauty and The Beast comes out in theaters on Friday March 17th, 2017.