They come from distant lands, many wearing the unofficial Farm Chicks uniform. Cowboy boots and flowery aprons. What began as a neighborhood barn sale in 2002 takes over the Spokane County Fairgrounds the first weekend of every June.

The original Farm Chick, Serena Thompson, knows that happiness doesn't have to come at a high price. It’s something she learned as a child growing up with Hippie parents in a gyspy wagon.

“Our home was made out of completely salvaged items… everything. It was built on the back of a 1937 pickup truck. All materials were salvaged out of landfills, so I love things that have a second life and they're not wasted. It's the way I was raised.”

Many of the things you’ll find at Farm Chicks have been repainted, restored, and reincarnated.

Get there early. By mid-morning you can barely squeeze your way past all the shabby chic and vintage antique shoppers.

The Farm Chicks Fair is held the first full weekend of June each year in Spokane, Washington.

Spokane County Fair and Expo Center
404 N. Havana Street, Spokane Valley, Washington