It might be the hottest fashion trend of the summer, but the male romper is nothing new.

James Bond rocked the look more than 50 years ago in Goldfinger, and thanks to the cyclical world of fashion... It's back in style.

James Bond wore it first. The movie icon rocked the look 50 years ago in the movie "Goldfinger". 

Seattle designer Brittany Forney is taking advantage of the trend and jumped at the chance to make one for a co-worker.

"I mean I'm a sucker for a romper personally,” said Forney. "I think at first KJ wanted it as a joke. It was just more like this silly funny piece and then he tried on the mockup. He was like you know I could actually take this seriously. This looks pretty good."

Her mariners-themed garment was a hit and quickly went viral.

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"I want my clothes to speak to the playfulness and to the light-heartedness of life and just for people to have fun with it,” said the designer.

That's the concept behind everything Brittany designs.

"My whole thing is playfully polished,” said Forney.

In addition to her custom-made rompers, Brittany has a women's ready to wear line she sells under the name Bartle.B at the Belltown store Sassafras.

Her collection includes everything from floral culottes to graphic skorts.

"Making clothes is my full passion,” said Forney. "It's just the whole process. It's the patterning, it's the drafting, it's draping... And then seeing it on somebody and then watch them feel comfortable and confident in something that I made. I mean that to me is the ultimate."

And Brittany isn't stopping with clothes. She has big plans for the future.

"I would love for this to grow into a lifestyle brand,” said Forney.

Until that day comes, you'll find her at her sewing machine doing what she loves. Which could include making more male rompers.

"I'm all for the male romper,” said Forney.

You can see Brittany’s work at her summer showcase July 7 and 8, at Sassafras in Belltown.

(206) 420-7057
2307 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121