Seattle - For 60 year the Tin Hat Bar and Grill in Ballard has been serving up food and drinks to their loyal customers.

But while their pulled pork sandwich are delicious, and their beer always cold, there's one item on the menu that's so bad, its good.

"The Tin Hat has been here since 1955 it was originally an American Legion's bar," Says Owner, John Lemaster "For as small of a space we have probably do 85 - 90 percent of our food is made from scratch."

"So the Flatliner is basically what the kids today are calling today, Totchos," Said Lemaster. "The Flatliner is a giant mound of cheesy tater tots with your standard nacho fixings and lots of bacon at the top. It's named the Flatliner because it's not good for you."

And when it comes to eating this guilty pleasure, Lemaster recommends not devouring it alone.

"The whole thing weighs about 2 or three pounds," Lemaster explains. "It's better to be used I think with a group of people then it is with an individual. Although I've seen it done and in my weaker moments I've done it myself. And I don't recommended it."

The Tin Hat has been serving up their version of Totchos for over 10 year now. And their customers still can't get enough.

Lemaster said, "There's a curiosity almost a little bit of a bet with your heart just a little, can I get away with this? It's sorta a dare I suppose."

So while just looking at the Flatliner makes your cholesterol level rise, all your taste buds care about, is how good this is going to be.

"It taste like it's not good for you in a wonderful, wonderful way." Said Lemaster.